You’re too FAT to wear that!

I will be leaving Planet Fat. I’m on my way. I’m determined to set up camp (and hopefully a permanent residence) in the world of thin. What I’m looking forward to the most: the clothes, shoes, accessories that are denied to fat girls like me because A) They don’t make it in our size, B) It looks like crap on us, or C) They make it in our size but it’s nearly impossible to find and cost a TON

  • BOOTS!


Any girl with fat legs knows the pain of never being able to find boots that fit. Cute boots in all their variety of colors and personalities have been something I’ve often longed for. Personally I’ve not been able to wear boots that rose higher than the ankle since my freshmen year in high school.

  • Sheer!

Sheer anything takes courage and body confidence. Sheer is not something I’ve often found myself wanting to experience due to ultra body shyness (likely due to, of course, being a fat girl) but it would be nice to have the option.

  • Belts!

A great belt can turn an outfit from boring to BAM! I’ve often marveled at the wonderful diversity in the styles, shapes, and sizes of belts, but in my adult life I’ve never been able to find one big enough to fit me.

  • Shorts and Skirts!

Some fat girls have great legs, but most of us are nearly phobic when it comes to showing our stems. From “cancles” to cellulite the fear of wearing anything that shows off the leg flesh can be down right sweat inducing. FYI, summer for fat girls are particularly brutal. While everyone else is wearing less clothing and showing more flesh to stay cool most of us fat girls keep our bodies covered as much as possible least we offend anyone with our ample bodies. I remember the first time I was with a group of friends and and they spotted a “fatty” in shorts and a close fitting short sleeved top. After enduring their disrespect of her with words like “beached whale” “muffin top” “cellulite city” I was forever after too afraid to wear anything even remotely revealing, even in the hottest of summer months.

  • Dresses!

Dresses require something called a waist unless you want to look like you’re wearing a sack or a moo moo. I’ve owned one dress in my adult life and couldn’t bring myself to wear the shapeless sack of a thing in public. The “little black dress” that is supposedly a staple in every girl’s closet is rarely seen gracing the closet of girls my size.

  • Sleeveless!

Arm flab and sleeveless outfits don’t mix. I’ve not been able to wear sleeveless (or anything with mini-sleeves) since I was 12.

  • Stockings!

I’ve never worn stockings but have always wished I could. Even as a kid I always tried to hide my fat legs behind jeans, slacks, or skirts that went all the way down to my ankles. Having the slim sexy legs to show off with cute stockings is something I’ve craved for as long as I can remember. I’ve not even been able to find stockings in my size even if I did have the courage to wear them.

  • Swimsuits!

I was 8 last time I could wear a swim suit and it was one of those ugly frumpy grandma suits with the top more like a shirt and the bottom with the odd extra cloth to form a faux skirt in the front to hide tummies. I used to love the water, and I’m sure I still do, but I haven’t been swimming in over 10 years. You can’t exactly swim in pants.

  • Watches and Bracelets!

Thick wrists make it very hard to find watches and bracelets that fit. The ones that do fit tend to bind too tightly and not dangle in the flattering and feminine way they are often meant to. Beaded bracelets can be hand-made or special ordered but often times they come at a much higher price.

So there you have it. Some of the things I’m GREATLY looking forward too once I shed the pounds. I know I have a long way to go but keeping in mind those things I will be able to enjoy after reaching my goal will help keep me focused.

In a closing note:

Fat girls are often seen as having no fashion sense. With our insanely limited choices (particularly for those who do not have a ton of money to spend) this is nearly unavoidable in our current society.  Until bigger girls are given more choices and they start designing fashionable clothes that fit us, we are doomed to frumpy, drab, or gaudy clothes that just don’t flatter our fashion sense or our bodies. I am sick to death of animal prints, gaudy colors, and giant flower prints… enough is enough. I don’t know what designers are thinking – but not every big girl wants to wear something that A) It looks like something a very old grandmother would enjoy or B) looks like something that was made from couch fabric with insane colors or wild gaudy prints.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. conquerthefatgene
    Apr 22, 2010 @ 14:35:55

    Terrific post and wonderful goals! I love that you posted visual reminders of the reason to reach a healthier weight. You can do this!!


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