The World of BIG

As a member of the Tribe of FatGirl there is a certain club that I am not allowed to be a part of. A club that “normal sized” people take for granted. A club that lets you shop in nearly every store, fit into any adult sized seat, and partake of nearly any experience (given time and money) that life has to offer. This is a club I’ve been shut out of all of my life, but a club I’m not longer content to observe from the outside. The Club of Thin is one club I intend to become a part of ASAP.

Born nearly 10 lbs to a diabetic mother I was a fat baby who grew to be a fat toddler, then a fat child, a fat teenager, and now a fat adult. At 30 years old there has never been a time in my life where “fat” wasn’t an adjective that accurately described me. This is a fact that I am changing. God willing, I will no longer belong to the Tribe of FatGirl.

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” This is a statement I never really grasped the full weight of (forgive the pun), until now. Today IS the first day of the rest of MY LIFE. Today I start a journey.

Today’s Weight: I don’t know. The scale I had I “outgrew” two years ago. I need another way to track my progress.

Today’s Goal: 1) Work out for at least an hour. 2) Abstain from consuming any sugar or flour (sweets and carbs are my weakness).

Be the Change! ONWARD!

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