Fat and Healthy

Why am I losing weight? The simple answer would be to say “to get healthy”, but that would be a wrong word choice because people would assume I’m talking about being physically healthy. As far as my physical health goes I’m happy being a “fatty”. I know what some people might think – What the hell? Really? Why would you be ok with being fat, after all, your health is at risk! Maybe it is, but I don’t believe that simply being fat puts my PHYSICAL HEALTH at risk. But, but, that’s crazy talk, EVERYONE knows that being fat is physically unhealthy! Yes, and everyone also “knew” that the sun revolved around the earth, that blood-letting is an effective treatment for curing disease, and that drilling a hole in someone’s head would release the “demons” that cause seizures and psychological diseases. History is full of “facts” that everyone knew.

Being fat can be, and often is, a symptom of a lack of good nutrition and healthy amounts of physical activity. But being fat doesn’t automatically mean that someone is lacking healthy eating habits and physical exercise. Just as being thin or average sized doesn’t automatically mean that someone eats right and exercises regularly. Human beings naturally come in a WIDE range of shapes, and sizes, colors, heights, etc.

I’ve read a lot on weight and health and have found much of what the media presents as factually sound medical fact is often “junk science”. Now I know there are fat people that are very unhealthy, just as there are thin and average size people who sit around eating junk food and playing video games all day and are very unhealthy. But weight and health are two separate issues. When it comes to one’s health, weight has less to do with it then does one’s activity levels (exercise) and their eating habits. And that is something that is so VASTLY far removed from what we as a society have been taught to believe. We have been taught to believe that thin = healthy and that fat = unhealthy.

You can be fat and healthy? WHAT? You can be thin and unhealthy? WHAT? Yeah, I’m not expecting anyone that reads this to believe it, simply because it’s not what the media and our current society has taught us. And frankly I’m over trying to enlighten people. I spent 5 years trying to bring the truth of weight and health to others, but when one is fighting against something that is so ingrained in our social consciousness… well needless to say it’s nearly impossible to get people to open up to anything that might counteract what they have been told all their lives to be truth.

But regardless of what much of our society believes, I know that it’s possible to be fat and healthy at the same time. And that’s why, as far as my physical health goes, I’m happy being a fat girl. The reason I AM trying to lose weight is because of my desire to be healthy on all levels – and I’ve found that being fat in today’s society isn’t emotionally and mentally healthy for ME. What do I mean by that? Stay tuned, and I’ll explain myself. Though those of you who may have spent extended periods of time interacting with people and society while inhabiting a fat body most likely know what I mean. For now I just wanted to clarify the WHY of what I am doing here. And to make it clear what the “Healthy” in “HealthyForMe” really stands for.

Until next time – Be well, my fellow travelers!

PS- Check out this awesomeness: http://kateharding.net/faq/but-dont-you-realize-fat-is-unhealthy/

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  1. conquerthefatgene
    Apr 29, 2010 @ 13:32:23

    Yup – you CAN be fat and healthy – and many of us are. The media and much of the world want to put things in tidy little boxes. If Fat=bad=sick, they don’t have to think about it too much. If fat=death, they think by not allowing themselves to be fat, they won’t have to think about death.

    And yes yes, there are diseases correlated (not always CAUSED) by obesity. But then you have the folk like Jim Fixx (author of the seminal book “Running” who dropped dead of heart attack at a young age) who prove that the ability to really control your ticking time clock of a life is tenuous indeed.

    And, like you, there are many reasons to lose weight and I’m doing my best to do so (again)…but the “do it or you’ll Diiiiie” refrain does not resonate with me either! Have a good one!


    • HealthyForMe
      Apr 30, 2010 @ 00:44:50

      EXACTLY! I had an acquaintance when I was in my early 20’s who died of a stroke. He was thin and looking at him someone would assume he was in great health. But at 21 he had a stroke and died. It’s crazy but true – health isn’t as cut and dry as the media and our current society would like us to believe. Thanks for the comment and support! 😀 It means a lot to me!


  2. slovie64
    Apr 29, 2010 @ 14:15:03

    I agree also. There are tons of people that are rail thin, but they abuse alcohol or drugs. My sister works out religiously and is super skinny, but she has a myriad of health problems – none serious thank goodness, but it shows that being thin and fit does not mean total good health.

    for the record I am fat and unhealthy. ha ha. trying very hard to change that.


    • HealthyForMe
      Apr 30, 2010 @ 00:53:05

      Yeah, you’re right. My mom has diabetes and has had it for 30 years, but has never been fat a day in her life. She also gets sick more often than I do. Where as I have been fat my entire life and am pretty darn healthy. I rarely ever even get a cold (maybe once every couple of years). You really never can tell about how healthy a person is by what size they wear.
      Thanks so much for the comment and support! 😀 *hugs*


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