When clothes fall off your ass!

Walking to the kitchen to refill my water bottle usually isn’t an uproariously funny excursion. Today, however, it proved to be. When about 3/4 of the way to the kitchen my favorite comfy lounge-about-the-house skirt slid right down off my hips and half way down my ass!  I stopped in my tracks with what was most likely and extremely comical look of utter shock on my face, followed by, a split second later, a full gut-busting roar of laughter! As I yanked my skirt up I realized this is the first time in my entire life that my clothes actually started FALLING OFF ME! I stood in the kitchen laughing and giggling like a school girl for five minutes. After I got myself back together and refilled my water bottle I headed back to my computer when it happened AGAIN! Fooooom, right down my hips exposing my bum. Needless to say my favorite skirt is now unwearable.

I’m not losing lbs as fast as I would like but I’m sure as hell losing inches! This is awesome!

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