The Pain of Being Fat

I was inspired by another blog where I read about the pain of being a fat girl in today’s society. I decided to do my own list in the same fashion. Here is my pain, the pain of the fat girl:

Wondering if the seat belt will fit Pain

Sizing up that little/flimsy chair and worrying that it’s going to break Pain

Wanting people to look at me and see me, instead of just seeing fat and looking no farther Pain

Going grocery shopping and getting looks of disgust Pain

Trying to put on pantyhose and realizing that they don’t make them in my size Pain

Constantly being the butt of jokes Pain

Being smothered by clothes in the sweltering heat of summer Pain

Not being able to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts and enjoy the sun instead of frying in it Pain

Having a holiday meal with my family and being made to feel unworthy of eating Pain

Going into a normal store and knowing that the only thing that I can have are the socks Pain

Not being able to wear clothes that are cute and fashionable – aka having to wear the nightmare granny clothes that are forced upon fat people Pain

Never experiencing the joy and fun of a pool party Pain

Working out at the gym and getting “those looks” – ‘Oh no, she’s going to get her FAT LARD SWEAT all over the equipment’ Pain

Feeling like I have to hide every time someone brings out a camera Pain

Going to the doctor and getting lectured on my weight (every time), regardless of what I went in for Pain

Ordering at a restaurant and getting judgmental looks if I happen to order anything other than a salad and water Pain

Being in a crowded room and be treated like “fat is catching” Pain

Going out with a group of people and always be the biggest one Pain

Never being the girl getting “checked out” Pain

People assuming that any guy who would be with me must be some weirdo with a fetish Pain

Not being able to ride any of the rides Pain

Being in a crowded elevator and being looked at like I’m Hitler because I’m taking up “too much space” Pain

Listening to thin girls complain about how “fat” they are Pain

Finding fat jokes or criticisms about fat people or the fear of being fat in every tv show, movie, and magazine Pain

Being bombarded with the idea that fat = disgusting and ugly every where I turn Pain

These are only a few of the reason why I’m losing weight. Being a fat girl in today’s society is detrimental to my emotional and mental health. I’ve been fat my entire life – for 30 years. And I’m tired, so tired of the pain of being a fat girl in today’s society. I don’t want to be fat anymore.

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