The “Feeling Full” Button Reactivated

I finally know what thin people feel like after they eat a meal. I’m eating less and eating healthier and some how that coupled with working out 6 days a week has activated something in me I thought was a myth – the “You Are Now Full” button. Don’t get me wrong, I knew what “full” feels like, but it was always a “fat full”. The kind of full where you are full but if someone set a piece of my favorite desert in front of me I would still somehow find the room, even if I could only eat a couple bites. Not so anymore. Now when I’m full I just have no desire to eat anything, no mater how tasty it might be. I think this is how it’s supposed to be. That when someone is full they lose all interest in food. ALL INTEREST. A light bulb moment – this is why thin people rarely overeat. And this is why fat people gain weight effortlessly. Something inside goes wonky and that full button gets deactivated (or at least muffled).

I don’t know how it happened but I’m glad my Full Button is working at 100% (for the first time in my LIFE). I’ve never been able to put down a fork in the middle of a meal before – with half a plate of very yummy food still sitting there. I always thought it was a “self control” issue, but I never realized that something in me wasn’t working right. That part of the brain that turns off all appetite wasn’t working. I didn’t know the desire for food could be turned off so completely and so immediately. This is heavenly, I am so jazzed about this! How EASY to turn down food now – I never dreamed that would be possible! I want to cry I’m so happy! How did this happen? I hope this isn’t a fluke. I hope this lasts!

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  1. phatpast
    May 13, 2010 @ 05:43:23

    I think the “feeling full button” is your stomach shrinking in size since it’s not being stretched by large food intake – think of it like a deflated balloon. With that said, I know exactly what you mean, I lately after eating a meal of 300 calories and no more then 350 grams in total, I feel like I ate a whole chicken and cant take one more bite.


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