Inches Lost – 20 days

So I’ve been keeping track of my inches as well as my weight. I started taking my measurement in inches 20 days ago and thought I’d post the changes today. I figure 20 days is long enough to see a difference (even if it’s a small difference):

Wrist= down 1/4 an inch

Forearm= down 1/4  inch

Bicep= down 1/4 inch

Neck= no change

Breasts= no change (thank you GOD!)

Waist= down 2 inches (the way some of my clothes are fitting now I thought this number would be bigger)

Hips= down 1 inch

Thigh= down 1/2 inch

Calve= down 1/2 inch

Ankle= down 1/4 inch

I was hoping the inches lost would be much bigger, after all it’s been about 3 weeks. Oh well, I guess slow change is best – the better for my skin to hopefully keep up with my weight loss; I don’t want to end up with a hell of a lot of excess flabby skin like I see often with people who have had rapid weight loss. God knows I can’t afford to have it “removed” when all is said and done. lol

The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.
Arthur C. Clarke

One of Those “Calorie Counting People”…

I thought I could get through this without becoming one of those obsessed women who counts all the calories in all the foods she eats. I didn’t want to be a food weigher and measurer. I thought if I just used sound judgment and chose “healthy foods” I wouldn’t need to have to count the calories. Here was my wake-up call: When I was making a sandwich two days ago I automatically reached for the mayo, but then thought – ‘no I better go with mustard, it’s less fattening’. Why on earth I assumed that mustard is less fattening is beyond me. To me it just seemed to be obvious. However I glanced at the calories of that mustard out of curiosity and it stopped me dead in my tracks. It has 113 calories per TEASPOON, my jaw nearly hit the floor. I thought, ‘oh hell, if mustard has this many calories I hate to know how much is in mayo’. But I had to know; I grabbed the jar to take a look. Only 90 calories per TABLESPOON. What a difference! Still quite a few calories, but compared to the mustard it’s no contest. This floored me and I wondered what other foods I had assumed where less fattening but might really be a dieter’s nightmare.

I then got online and started looking up some of my favorite foods and even some of my “healthiest” foods. I was shocked to find that a banana has 200 calories! Holy moley, I might as well be eating a candy bar with that many calories (though, bananas have a lot more nutritional value). If I had five bananas in one day it would be a THOUSAND – 1,000 – calories (I’ve gotten close, I’ve eaten four in one day before)! And some salads can contain upwards of 600+ calories based on what salad dressing is on it. This was my wake-up call to start counting calories. I had no idea that some foods I formerly thought where very healthy and non-fattening are indeed loaded with calories. As if that wasn’t bad enough I just about started crying when I saw the carb content of some of my favorite fruits and veggies! Carb-a-licious! Heaven help me! But this explained why I had GAINED 2 and a half pounds over the past couple days, despite nearly killing myself in my workouts.

This is so depressing. Now I’m going to have to be one of those calorie counter people, having to find the calorie and carb content of every thing I put in my mouth. And add them all up throughout the day to make sure they don’t get too high. Next thing you know I’m going to have to buy a friggin’ food scale and start measuring all my portions in little measuring cups. I just want to crawl back to bed and cry. Why the hell does this have to be so hard!? Who has time for this crap?

The “Feeling Full” Button Reactivated

I finally know what thin people feel like after they eat a meal. I’m eating less and eating healthier and some how that coupled with working out 6 days a week has activated something in me I thought was a myth – the “You Are Now Full” button. Don’t get me wrong, I knew what “full” feels like, but it was always a “fat full”. The kind of full where you are full but if someone set a piece of my favorite desert in front of me I would still somehow find the room, even if I could only eat a couple bites. Not so anymore. Now when I’m full I just have no desire to eat anything, no mater how tasty it might be. I think this is how it’s supposed to be. That when someone is full they lose all interest in food. ALL INTEREST. A light bulb moment – this is why thin people rarely overeat. And this is why fat people gain weight effortlessly. Something inside goes wonky and that full button gets deactivated (or at least muffled).

I don’t know how it happened but I’m glad my Full Button is working at 100% (for the first time in my LIFE). I’ve never been able to put down a fork in the middle of a meal before – with half a plate of very yummy food still sitting there. I always thought it was a “self control” issue, but I never realized that something in me wasn’t working right. That part of the brain that turns off all appetite wasn’t working. I didn’t know the desire for food could be turned off so completely and so immediately. This is heavenly, I am so jazzed about this! How EASY to turn down food now – I never dreamed that would be possible! I want to cry I’m so happy! How did this happen? I hope this isn’t a fluke. I hope this lasts!

The Bondage of Self

You are not what dress size you wear, you are not the numbers on the scale, you are not the clothes you have in your closet or the car you have in your driveway. When you break free of the bondage of self you emerge into a place of peace and contentment. To the very core I know that this is truth. And yet every day I make my way to the scale and pray for the numbers to go down. Every day my mood is set by what I see, good or bad, and it’s often hard to change that mood. Today the scale was up a pound and a half and I have been struggling to find a mood of happiness and joy today. Could it really be because of some damned numbers on a scale? Am I really that shallow? And I think of how idiotic that is. How utterly self-centered and moronic that my day is even effected by those little black digital numbers between my feet.

I know without being told that I am suffering the bondage of self, and I can’t believe how ridiculous I am. And yet I can’t seem to be anything else at this time in my life. I was happier when I didn’t care what the scale said. I was “lighter” (in an emotional sense). But I know that I’m healthier now than I have ever been. I’m working out six days a week and eating healthier than any time in my life. But I don’t want to be consumed by this, and I can see it happening. I can see it coming, creeping upon me like a thick fog across a body of water. And I don’t want it to happen but I know if I stop I will wake up five years from now 10, 15, 20 pounds heavier and be in a very unhealthy place. Maybe obsession is going to be what it takes to lose the weight. Nothing else has worked.

I know that I’m feeling better physically then I have in a very very long time. I don’ t know… Does this rant even make sense? …Maybe I’m just PMSing… Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.

The Pain of Being Fat

I was inspired by another blog where I read about the pain of being a fat girl in today’s society. I decided to do my own list in the same fashion. Here is my pain, the pain of the fat girl:

Wondering if the seat belt will fit Pain

Sizing up that little/flimsy chair and worrying that it’s going to break Pain

Wanting people to look at me and see me, instead of just seeing fat and looking no farther Pain

Going grocery shopping and getting looks of disgust Pain

Trying to put on pantyhose and realizing that they don’t make them in my size Pain

Constantly being the butt of jokes Pain

Being smothered by clothes in the sweltering heat of summer Pain

Not being able to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts and enjoy the sun instead of frying in it Pain

Having a holiday meal with my family and being made to feel unworthy of eating Pain

Going into a normal store and knowing that the only thing that I can have are the socks Pain

Not being able to wear clothes that are cute and fashionable – aka having to wear the nightmare granny clothes that are forced upon fat people Pain

Never experiencing the joy and fun of a pool party Pain

Working out at the gym and getting “those looks” – ‘Oh no, she’s going to get her FAT LARD SWEAT all over the equipment’ Pain

Feeling like I have to hide every time someone brings out a camera Pain

Going to the doctor and getting lectured on my weight (every time), regardless of what I went in for Pain

Ordering at a restaurant and getting judgmental looks if I happen to order anything other than a salad and water Pain

Being in a crowded room and be treated like “fat is catching” Pain

Going out with a group of people and always be the biggest one Pain

Never being the girl getting “checked out” Pain

People assuming that any guy who would be with me must be some weirdo with a fetish Pain

Not being able to ride any of the rides Pain

Being in a crowded elevator and being looked at like I’m Hitler because I’m taking up “too much space” Pain

Listening to thin girls complain about how “fat” they are Pain

Finding fat jokes or criticisms about fat people or the fear of being fat in every tv show, movie, and magazine Pain

Being bombarded with the idea that fat = disgusting and ugly every where I turn Pain

These are only a few of the reason why I’m losing weight. Being a fat girl in today’s society is detrimental to my emotional and mental health. I’ve been fat my entire life – for 30 years. And I’m tired, so tired of the pain of being a fat girl in today’s society. I don’t want to be fat anymore.

When clothes fall off your ass!

Walking to the kitchen to refill my water bottle usually isn’t an uproariously funny excursion. Today, however, it proved to be. When about 3/4 of the way to the kitchen my favorite comfy lounge-about-the-house skirt slid right down off my hips and half way down my ass!  I stopped in my tracks with what was most likely and extremely comical look of utter shock on my face, followed by, a split second later, a full gut-busting roar of laughter! As I yanked my skirt up I realized this is the first time in my entire life that my clothes actually started FALLING OFF ME! I stood in the kitchen laughing and giggling like a school girl for five minutes. After I got myself back together and refilled my water bottle I headed back to my computer when it happened AGAIN! Fooooom, right down my hips exposing my bum. Needless to say my favorite skirt is now unwearable.

I’m not losing lbs as fast as I would like but I’m sure as hell losing inches! This is awesome!

Weight Loss – Help!

I’ve just started this about 2 weeks ago and have already dropped 12 lbs, but in the past three days have gained .6 lbs back. :( I seem to have plateaued ALREADY in the past few days even though I’ve really increased my workout intensity and length in the past 3 days. I could really use some help. I need to lose this weight and it frustrates me to no end that even though I’ve increased my workout and am eating much healthier I seam to have already plateaued. I could use some advice.

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