2 Months = Pounds and Inches “Lost”

I’ve been at this new lifestyle now for two months and thought I’d let you guys in on my progress. 🙂 So here goes:

Pounds Removed = 26.2 lbs.

Inches Removed from Wrist = 1/2 inch per Wrist (1 inch total)

Inches Removed from Forearm = 1/2 inch per Forearm (1 inch total)

Inches Removed from Bicep = 1 & 1/2 inches per Bicep (3 inches total)

Inches Removed from Neck = 1 & 1/4 inches

Inches Removed from Breasts = 1/2 inch

Inches Removed from Waist = 2 inches

Inches Removed from Hips = 2 & 1/2 inches

Inches Removed from Thighs = 1/2 inch per Thigh (1 inch total)

Inches Removed from Calves = 3/4 inch per Calve (1 & 1/2 inches total)

Inches Removed from Ankles = 1/2 inch per Ankle ( 1 inch total)

Notice I use the term “removed” instead of lost? That’s because when something is lost you’re likely to find it again. lol Permanent fat removal is what I’m after! 🙂

Two Month Totals = 26.2 Pounds removed and 14 & 3/4 Inches removed from my body

I’m loving this! And I’m just getting started! 😀 I’m not feeling any deprivation or discomfort with my new lifestyle. I’m loving the fresh fruits and veggies and honestly do not miss the unhealthy food! I think the key is to let yourself have small amounts of whatever it is you’re craving – if you’re REALLY craving it. Better to deal with 100 extra calories from a bite or two of brownie than to deal with 600 or more calories from a binge after losing control (from feeling deprived). I never let myself feel really deprived, if I want something bad enough I let myself have a little bit of it. It keeps me on track and soon I stop craving the calorie loaded junk.

Oki, well that’s my update. I hope you all are doing well in your own journeys, my lovelies! I’m sorry I haven’t had much time to read many posts lately, hopefully soon I’ll have time to get caught up on the blogs/journals.
Stay healthy, active, and strong!


4 pounds in 4 days

I’ve woke up every morning for the last four days to an entire pound gone over-night. Not sure what is going on, I’m not doing anything different that I can tell – I’m very good at keeping track of everything I put in my mouth and every activity I do. Every calorie is logged and every activity is written down. Can’t figure out this sudden surge in weight loss. Losing weight too quickly isn’t good for you (so say all the health sites I’ve read), so I’m going to try and tone it down. Going to skip the workout tonight, see what happens, probably a good idea since I’m still sore from the mega workout I did the night before last. Legs ache when I walk, my muscles are mad at me, apparently they didn’t like all the step-aerobics. lol

Side note – The Wii rocks my socks. Wii Fit Plus is amazing. I’ve lost 24 pounds in the past 7 weeks and it’s definitely helped.

Side note two – If you aren’t using FitTracker I highly recommend it. It’s helping me keep track of everything from my daily weigh-in to my inches lost. It even has a place to keep track of your food intake and your fitness activities.   www. fittracker.shapefit.com

Side note three – Going to have to buy new underwear. Every pair I own is now falling off my ass. lol

The 85 pound anorexic bitch from hell

My boyfriend and I took the LONG drive to San Fransisco today to go see his mother. While there we stopped to walk along the beach. We where having a good time, playing outrun the tide when the waves came in, giggling like little kids… and for the first time in days, even weeks, I wasn’t thinking about my body or my weight. But then the joy killer comes along – all 85 pounds of her. She comes running along the beach, a very obvious anorexic woman (I know “naturally skinny” and I know that there is nothing natural about this woman’s thinness unless she escaped from a concentration camp). I was happy and carefree until I looked up to smile at her as she ran by (as I often do when someone passes me because I’m often a joyful person). As she got an eyeful of me her face turned to pure disgust and full on no-holds-barred hatred. I was taken aback and stopped dead in my tracks, the half formed smile suddenly frozen on my face. I couldn’t believe the fierceness of the open hostility this woman who didn’t even know me had for me. She looked at me like I was a Giant Steaming Pile of Dog Poop that she just stepped in wearing 300 dollar shoes. This was the look of horror, disgust, and hatred she had on her face looking dead at me.

It took me a minute to understand this look, I’ve never (to my knowledge) had someone look at me like that. I couldn’t understand what I could have done to this person, whom I don’t even know, to cause her to look at me in that way. But suddenly as I took in her whole physical self, and not just her face, I understood. Seeing her taut skin, the protruding bones,  I suddenly realized I am this woman’s worst nightmare – alive and breathing right in front of her. I am what keeps her awake at night and gives her cold sweats when she even thinks about eating anything even remotely fattening. I am everything she hates and fears all wrapped up in my triple extra large peasant blouse and long flowing size 20-something skirt.

Knowing Anorexia and Bulimia the way I do, and knowing what it does to the mind – the complete and total fat obsession that comes along with it – I knew why she looked at me like that, but knowing why still couldn’t erase the hurt at being looked at like I was Hitler or satin himself. Or the pain I felt knowing this woman hated me totally down to her guts even though she didn’t even know me. I understood her mind’s sickness, but even now, hours later, I can’t stop seeing her face nor chase that putrid look she gave me out of my mind. I hate that we live in a society that can breed such contempt for someone based strictly on their looks. I believe I’m a good person, that I’m someone who would never intentionally hurt someone else. I always try to help people and I try to love everyone even those who hate me. But because of the way I look, that woman and those like her, immediately and completely hate me in an instant. Without even knowing who I am. And that hurts me more than I can say. More than I can ever explain.
My heart aches.

I hate what our current society and the media has done to people. I hate that it even bothers me to be looked at like a steaming pile of shit. I shouldn’t care. But there you have it. I guess I do care. I want to hate that woman for making me feel like this but I know it’s her sickness that has leached the blackness into her mind and heart. I pray she learns to be more loving and accepting of people of different shapes and sizes so that she can learn to love herself too. And maybe then she will get rid of that darkness inside of her that causes her to starve her own body, and treat strangers who are big like rotting, maggot infected meat.

Gah! That LOOK! Father in heaven please cleans my heart and mind and give me peace from the memory of that look.

Portion Control

For me the key to weight loss and portion control- SLOW DOWN. Take every bite slowly and force yourself to really TASTE every single bite. From first to last, no mater what you’re eating. No distractions, turn off the tv, put down the book, and eat it (the food not the book) by yourself so no one is trying to talk to you and distract you. It used to be when I’m eating I’d be watching TV, or reading a book, or talking to my boyfriend. These things are great on their own, but they distract me from what I am doing and before I know it the meal, desert, or snack is over and I didn’t really enjoy it because I wasn’t fully taking it in. Every taste, smell, and texture needs to be experience and enjoyed. But most people don’t. They eat too fast or are too distracted to really savor their meal. I think this is why a lot of people overeat (I’m sure that’s why I often did), because they don’t get satisfaction with the smaller amounts because they are too distracted to really enjoy it. When you really are in the moment, really tasting every bite, you will feel satisfied and content with smaller portions.

Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.

Ralph Marston